NYT Editorial: "Mr. Obama was exactly right"

The NY Times has written an editorial, The Real Path to Security:

For seven years, President George W. Bush tried to frighten the American public — and successfully cowed Congress — with bullying and disinformation. On Thursday, President Obama told the truth. It was a moment of political courage that will make this country safer.

Mr. Obama was exactly right when he said Americans do not have to choose between security and their democratic values. By denying those values, the Bush team fed the furies of anti-Americanism, strengthened our enemies and made the nation more vulnerable.


As he moves forward, we hope Mr. Obama bears in mind a point he made on Thursday. The problem is not the crime of terrorism, which the judicial system can normally handle. It is the way Mr. Bush undermined that system — and this country’s reputation and security — with his policies of arbitrary detention and abuse.

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