New Study Destroys Union Intimidation Myth As Specter Considers "Compromise"

While the study is important, it seems Arlen is now "reconsidering" his views on the Employee Free Choice Act. First he says he "misspoke" on his hopes of the getting Norm Coleman seated over the winner, Al Franken, in the Minnesota Senate race, and now he's backtracking on his insistence that he won't support EFCA. Guess he's getting the message.

From Art Levine:

Even as Senator Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) has been wooing new Democratic Senator Arlen Specter over a "compromise" version of the Employee Free Choice Act, a new study shows that Big Business's fear-mongering over union intimidation is groundless.

A University of Illinois study (admittedly union-subsidized) looked at the way majority sign-up provisions that allow workers choice over how to form a union were applied in the public sector where they're allowed, as in Illinois. As Illinois Progress reported:

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