NEW POLL: Obama's approval rating on national security affairs at 64%

This is stunning. 64% approve of a Democrat's foreign policy. My what a difference a failed political philosophy makes.

Via HuffPo's Sam Stein:

President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party as a whole have made historic gains in public trust when it comes to national security and foreign policy, according to a newly released survey by Democracy Corps

...Obama now has higher ratings on national security than he does in his overall job approval, which stands at 58 percent. Democrats, for the first time in the firm's research, are at "full parity on perceptions of which party would best manage national security."
  • 61 percent of respondents approve of the job Obama is doing fighting terrorism.
  • 67 percent approve of how he is handling Iraq.
  • 68 percent approve of his policies for Afghanistan, and the same number says the president is improving Americans stand in the word.


If there were one additional element concern for the GOP in the study's findings. it would be this: many of the respondents who favored Obama's handling of national security and foreign affairs were those voters who will play major roles in deciding future elections.

According to the findings:

  • "Self-described moderates favored the GOP on national security by 25 points in 2003, but now favor Democrats by a decisive 23 points, 54 to 31 percent."
  • "Women trusted the GOP more on national security by 20 points in 2003; now they trust the Democrats more by 17 points."
  • "Voters under age 30 trusted Republicans more national security by a 27 point margin in 2003; now they trust Democrats more by 18 points, 50 to 32 percent.
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