Maher Dismisses Hannity's Criticism: He's Just "Terribly Sexually Repressed"

When Bill is on, he's on.

From HuffPo:

During Howard Kurtz's interview with Bill Maher today on CNN's "Reliable Sources," Kurtz played a clip of right wing Fox News host Sean Hannity saying that Maher had become "an angry, bitter guy" as an example of Maher's lack of popularity with the cable channel. Maher dismissed the criticism as Hannity just "projecting" what he feels onto somebody else:
No, he's an angry, bitter guy. That's called projecting. That's called taking what you feel and giving it to somebody else. I'm a happy, single guy. He's a repressed, typical Republican. I'm sure just terribly sexually repressed and it comes out in all their sorts of hatred and vile and bile -- why would I be bitter? First of all, our side won. You know, their side is in a wilderness like there's been before.

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