Kaine, Klobuchar, Mondale Up Pressure On Pawlenty To Seat Franken

Pawlnety is another example of "not thinking this one all the way through." He looks like a moron - which at this point for the Palin-Limpdick GOP - isn't necessarily a bad characteristic. But, it won't get you re-elected as Governor of a very independent-minded state and it certainly won't endear you to the very independent middle he would need to win anything nationally.

From HuffPo:

DNC Chairman Tim Kaine penned a letter to Tim Pawlenty on Tuesday, asking the Minnesota Governor to persuade Norm Coleman to concede and, short of that, sign the certification of Al Franken's election once the state's Supreme Court makes its final ruling.

The letter is the latest in a growing effort to ramp up the pressure on the governor - and Republican Party as a whole - to seat Franken, as the Minnesota Senate race drags on more than six months since the actual election. In his note, Kaine claims it is "all but indisputable" that Franken won the election and urges Pawlenty to "use [his] influence to bring this process to an end by asking Norm Coleman to allow his neighbors and yours, their full representation in Congress."

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