Jim Cramer Threatens Jon Stewart; Vows Revenge

He just doesn't know when to give it up. He's been proven a joke. He'll never get back what little respect people had for him in the first place and no one, especially not Stewart, went after him... at first. They were going after CNBC and this tweaked mess jumped into the fray. He made it about him and that was a mistake. Just like continuing to talk about Stewart and upping the ante now is.

From HuffPo:

Jim Cramer answered TIME readers' "10 Questions" this week, and while the full questions, answers, and video aren't yet online, a press release reveals that Cramer had forceful words when it came to Jon Stewart.

No one wants to suffer a beat-down. No one wants to be humiliated or embarrassed. I was shocked at [host Jon Stewart's] behavior. I wish he knew about my background, and I wish he knew about a lot of things that I had done, because I think he would've thanked me instead of attacked me...I think the attack on CNBC and the attacks on me were gravely misplaced. It was rather remarkable in that it was so clear that his goal was to just destroy me. One day he'll answer for it.
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