Jeff Sessions, Another Commie, Pinko, Librul, Offers High Praise For Sotomayor

He just leveled loads & loads of high praise on Judge Sonya Sotomayor. He's a goner. They're going to lambaste him all day tomorrow if they find the time between defending the right-wing terrorist's killing of an family planning doctor and and shock that the Obama's came to New York to see a show.

From HuffPost's Ryan Grim:

Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama, the top Republican on the Judiciary Committee, had effusive words of praise for Sotomayor.

"Let me just say that this lady has got a good record, as Pat said, for a judge," said Sessions, while sitting next to Leahy. "Prosecutor, lawyer, judge, district trial judge, federal judge--she's smart, she's capable."

Sessions didn't end there, adding, "She's got the kind of background you would look for, almost an ideal mix of private practice, trial prosecution and circuit judge. That's strong in her favor."

Sessions warm remarks are an early indication of just how difficult it will be for Republicans to block her nomination.

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