I'm seriously heartbroken.

This is killing me. Target?

From The Insider:

Celebrity Recession?

When we think of Joan Collins shopping, we think of Gucci, Louis Vuitton & De Beers, but certainly not Target! Maneater and fierce Dynasty legend Joan Collins was spotted yesterday alongside husband number 4 (or something) Percy Gibson. The two busily shopped at the Target superstore in West Hollywood, Calilfornia. Joan pushed the cart out of the store, and we noticed that her purchases included an ‘Identity Theft Buster’. Sounds pretty complicated, but it is in fact more commonly known as a ’shredder’. Oh, what people will do to make a buck. We’d like to start selling ‘Home Invasion Defense Systems’, aka padlocks. Joan was driven off by Percy in their slightly older bronze colored Rolls Royce.

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