I'm an "Idiot" "Hateful" "Hypocritical" "Intolerant" and Obama is going to "run our country into the ground"

You should see some of the comments that are submitted. Evidently, this Media Matters video (via DailyKosTV) celebrating Fox "news" "Fair & balanced" coverage of Obama's first 100 days, got on some people's nerves.

Fair & balanced? More like 100 days of Fox attacks Obama

From DailyKosTV:

Media Matters runs through an amazing litany of Fox’s nonstop hatred and attacks targeting President Obama:

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"Anonymous" warns of the end of this country and is about as "middle politically" (his self-description) as I am:
The only reason people "fear" Obama is that he is going to run our country into the ground, create a welfare state of socialist/communist programs.

In fifteen years you and your children will be wards of the federal government because the U.S. will be bankrupt.

He is expanding our government well beyond it's level of elasticity and taking away personal freedoms.

When your parents are refused treatment under universal health care because "at their age they should expect to experience" their declines, you will be kicking yourselves in the ass for supporting him.

When your children are forced to spend a year or two of their young adult lives in the military or another branch of the government rather than attending college and building their lives you will realize you have voted to reduce their freedom.

I am a moderate, smack in the middle politically, but Obama makes me sick and he should well be feared, he is destroying America and blogs like this are one-sided liberal verbal defecation.

Grow up.
Then, of course, there's Chad. Chad tries to leave not one, but two comments on the "Fair & balanced?" video thread. I guess he was really steamed!

I'm a hypocrite. Hateful. An Idiot. Hypocritical. Intolerant. And the funny thing? It all started of course with the left hating W., while not a word is mentioned about the 8 years he undoubtedly abhorred the right's unmitigated hatred of Bill Clinton.

Oh, yeah, and I need to grow up.

You all are complete idiots. People like you were the most hateful people in our country for the past eight years. Now all of a sudden you act like everyone is just supposed to play nice. Doesn't quite work that way, kids. Obama should, and is, getting criticism that is natural from the opposition. You don't think liberals were not insanely hateful towards Bush?

Grow up. You hypocrisy is staggering. Liberals are THE most intolerant people in our country. Period.
By the way, after reading your profile, you are exactly they hypocrite I am talking about. You submerge yourself in years of hate speech directed towards Bush/Chaney and Conservatives in general. You can dish it out but can't take it. You should try getting involved in something else besides big boy stuff. You obviously don't understand how it works. You don't get to be a part of a group (liberals) who's M.O. is hate speech against Conservatives, then complain of hate speech when someone challenges Obama or Democrats.
You'd think Chad would know how to spell his master's name. It's Cheney, not Chaney.

Why don't you all tell Chad and "Anonymous" what you think of them?

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