Here's Why the Lunatic Fringe Dominates Hate-Radio

I meant to blog this last week, but it got lost in my bookmarks. HuffPo's Bill Mann looks further into how & why the right dominates radio:

From Bill Mann:

Ever wonder why the right wing continues to dominate talk radio, even as it loses elections?

"Your Huffington Post piece showed only the tip of the iceberg," a major talk-show figure e-mailed last month following my blog here on Rush Limbaugh's empire being built initially by giving his show away for free to hundreds of smaller-market talk stations.

My veteran radio source, assured anonymity, added, "The main story here is vertical integration in the radio business" and the way the big urban talk stations get their programs.

Vertical integration: Precisely what the federal government has moved to ban in the television and movie industries with anti-trust actions. But the radio business has gotten a free pass.

Premiere Radio Networks, which syndicates righties Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and Dr. Laura, among others, is owned by the nation's largest radio-station conglomerate, Clear Channel. Clear Channel, thanks to FCC deregulation, was allowed to gobble up over 1000 radio stations -- including 16 of the most powerful, (lower-case) clear-channel AM stations in major markets...

read more of this interesting look into hate-radio...
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