GOP Sen. Cites "Tropical Breezes" as Reason to Keep Detainees at Gitmo

There you have it. Your 21st century GOP. And this is now the guy who will lead the GOP charge against Obama's supreme court nominee on the Judiciary Committee. I for one, can't wait for the country to get a load of him live from the hearings. He'll cement the GOP as a regional, racist, ignorant, homophobic party and however bruising the hearing will be, they won't be able to block the nominee and all they'll get it a, even less permanent rethuglican party.

From WaPo:

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) today defended the continued detention of al-Qaeda prisoners at the military facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, calling it a "logical" site that also provides inmates with "tropical breezes."

Sessions, the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, supports the bipartisan effort to withhold funds sought by the Obama administration to close the controversial facility. The House is expected to approve tomorrow, by a wide margin, a $96 billion war funding bill for Iraq and Afghanistan that does not include the $80 million President Obama requested to close down the detention facility. The Senate Appropriations Committee is also considering a version of the legislation that does not automatically provide the prison-closing funds.

"They wouldn't be treated any better in the United States, and they wouldn't have the tropical breezes blowing through," Sessions said.

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ThinkProgress had a bit more:
Yesterday, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) defended the detention of prisoners at the Guantanamo Bay military facility, calling it a “logical site.” “They wouldn’t be treated any better in the United States, and they wouldn’t have the tropical breezes blowing through,” said Sessions. Conservatives have consistently tried to claim that the institution is a wonderful place to stay, even though former detainee Mustafa Ait Idir has said of his experience there: “For almost seven years, I was at the end of the world, at the worst place in the world. … It would have been hard even if I had done something wrong (but) it is much harder if one is totally innocent.”

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