Robert Gibbs slams Diaper Dave Vitter over FEMA "political posturing"

Gibbs on fire today - taking on Diaper Dave over his ridiculous hold on the President's FEMA nominee (who was once appointed by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush)!

From the Hill:

With the start of hurricane season just around the corner, the White House press secretary did not mince words Wednesday in blasting Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) for placing a hold on President Obama's nomination to head the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Gibbs said that Vitter's hold amounts to "political posturing."


When asked about Vitter's reasoning, Gibbs said "the best way to get moving on any concerns that he has with FEMA is to get somebody of the utmost regard at the helm of FEMA to make progress."

"And I think his constituents would expect that same level of professionalism," Gibbs said."

The hurricane season starts June 1.

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