A final update on the Dowd story...

Dowd's excuse is bullshit. It wasn't a line she picked up from a friend. It was a paragraph. The truth is, all she had to do was say, "My bad. I forgot to attribute it to Josh Marshall. I was in a rush." Or, something like that. Instead, she dug deeper by lying. There's no way "a friend" remembered the PARAGRAPH verbatim, and then was able to relay it to Dowd, verbatim. Remember that game, The Telephone Hour?

It's the cover-up stupid.

We've all make mistakes. Even those of us blogging in our underwear.

Anyway, I posted a final update on the Dowd plagiarism story over at TPM to include these links. It seem to gave gotten a lot of play, so I wanted to include them:

From Politico: Dowd lifts TPM passage; updates NYT column & NYT defends Dowd in TPM flap

From Media Matters: How would the NYT react if Joe Biden gave an excuse this lame?& NYT claims MoDo is "eager" to give credit; Tucker disagrees

From Bink (DailyKos): Maureen Dowd Caught 'Borrowing Text' in NYT? Dowd Responds ...

CSM: A "plagiarized" account of Maureen Dowd's plagiarism

Newsbusters:NYT's Maureen Dowd Caught Plagiarizing Left-wing Blogger

Gawker: Maureen Dowd Admits to an Act of Accidental Plagiarism

HuffPo: Say It Ain't So, modo & What Maureen Dowd is Trying to Tell Us

guardian.co.uk: New York Times columnist caught in plagiarism row

Media Bistro: NY Times Absolves Maureen Dowd

NY Mag: Which E-mail Pal Helped Dowd Plagiarize?

AP: NY Times columnist admits using blogger's words & Correction: Times-Dowd story

The Atlantic: Maureen Dowd's Astonishing Feats of Verbal Memory

Colorado Independent: Maureen Dowd: parasitic blogger

Greg Mitchell (Editor & Publisher): 'The Guardian' Covers Maureen Dowd Wrongdoing -- and Contributes its Own

The Weekly Standard: MoDo-gate: It's the Cover Up That Kills

The Insider.com: Maureen Dowd ripped off blogger, Talking Points Memo's Josh Marshall

The Political Carnival: NY Times' Maureen Dowd Plagiarizes TPM's Josh Marshall

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