FAIL: Anatomy Of The (Unsuccessful) Sotomayor Whisper Campaign

What is pretty obvious now, it that the whisper campaign and outright smear occurred as a way to ward Obama off of choosing Sotomayer precisely becuase she's a nominee the right can't possibly attack during her confirmation hearing - at this time in our nation's history - as they would liked too.

Obama didn't bite.

From TPM:

By nominating Sonia Sotomayor to serve on the Supreme Court, President Obama is not just making a bid for history. He's also bucking the will of several anonymous lawyers and law clerks who tried to run her off the road after it became clear that she was on his short list.

The anatomy of the Sotomayor whisper campaign is pretty straightforward. Once it was obvious that she was a serious contender, an unknown number of Second Circuit prosecutors and former clerks banded together and approached The New Republic's legal correspondent Jeffrey Rosen with attacks on the prospective nominee's fitness.


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