Digg has permanently banned me...

As some of you have already figured out, I'm not on digg anymore. Turns out I had a few stalkers on digg that have been complaining about me to digg support every chance they could with the hopes of getting be banned - and, it finally worked.

The short version is this, over the past five months I did three things that Digg got upset about (the first didn't actually have anything to do with the rethug stalkers necessarily):

1) In January (I think it was January), Rep. John Boehner was on Digg (or at least someone from his staff was) for a 'conversation" - I don't' remember the subject - and I asked, "Do you actually believe your own bullshit?"

That got me banned. I agreed not to do that again and was reinstated.

2) Then last week I was banned for "Hijacking a submission distorts the point of view that the original story clearly conveys" and/or changing the headline in an abusive way. Seems they couldn't make up their minds becuase the example of "hijacking they gave was clearly not that so then then said it was calling repubs, rethugs and adding retched in front of Mary Matalin's name were no nos in the headlines.

I agreed not to do that again and was reinstated. I also realized that there were people who were paying attention to everything I was doing and reporting everything they could to digg with the hope of getting me banned.

3) Then yesterday, I made my fatal mistake. I "shouted" (messaged) my Digg friends to not just bury something, but that they should choose inaccurate as the reason why it's being buried.

That got me permanently banned since it was my third strike.
It also made it clear that someone(s) pretended to be my friend and when they got that "shout," reported me. And if I'm going to be honest, this is the "offense" I actually knew ahead of time could be a problem. I had done it once before and a friend warned me not to do it. The other two were bullshit.

So there you have it. Digg has now banned me. The trolls have won this one particular battle.

I was pissed yesterday becuase I really loved digging. Then I have a good night's sleep. All is good. Blogging goes on.

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Ins with Digg? ;-)

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