David Gregory Yawns At Torture News

Jason Linkins tears into David Gregory. He's very good at tearing. Gives me that Chris Matthews tingle up my leg. I'm envious:

I can't speak to why America is souring on David Gregory, but I can tell you why I am! Gregory demonstrates all of the reportorial tenacity of a dilettante badminton player under heavy sedation. The game -- oh, how it fascinates him! Look at the shuttlecock bob through the air, borne on the wheezing breezes of his hot air emanations and the gentle paddling of his racket! Back and forth and back and forth, if Gregory had his druthers, it would just go on forever, the rich panoply of process story unfolding endlessly until the end of days. In a world like that, it is a terrible thing, to have...you know -- standards.

Gregory made an appearance on Morning Joe Friday with this disease in full flower. He gently massaged the unfolding disclosures on torture into a passive reflection on Washington's eternal political sussurations:

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