Conservadem Nelson All Alone in Quest to Block Health Care

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Nelson is a insurance industry sell out. Bought and paid for like Rockefeller & Feinstein are by the telecoms. Of course, they're just a few bad apples in the Dem coalition as a whole. The entire GOP side of the aisle is bought and paid for like this.

From Ryan Grim:

Sen. Ben Nelson announced at the beginning of this month that he opposed the creation of a public health care plan that people would have the option to buy into. He'd be gathering together a coalition of like-minded senators to oppose the plan, the conservative Democrat from Nebraska promised.

More than two weeks later, it's still a coalition of one.

Since Nelson's announcement, eight moderate Democrats and one Republican have told the Huffington Post that they are open to a public health care option. Two others, Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) and Jim Webb (D-Va.), have signed on to the idea.

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