CLASSLESS: Rudy Giuliani Skips Gay Friends' Wedding

He's on marriage number three and HE has the fucking nerve to judge his close friends who up until he decided to run for president support their quest for equal rights? Rudy's a classless pig.

From the NY Post:

Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani was a last-minute no-show at the wedding of his former roommates -- a gay couple -- yesterday.

It was a disappointment for Queens car dealer Howard Koeppel and his longtime lover, Mark Hsaio, who tied the knot in a double-ring ceremony before 10 guests in Westport, Conn.

The couple famously let the ex-mayor crash at their luxury $2.37 million three-bedroom Manhattan apartment while he was going through a nasty divorce with Donna Hanover in 2001. Later, Giuliani married the "other woman," Judith Nathan.

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