Claims Graham Briefed About Domestic Spying in 2001 & 2002 Were Also Bogus

Aren't you glad former Sen. Bob Graham suffer from O.C.D.? He has everything he has ever done - from what time he wake ups, how long he brushes his teeth and how much he weighs and at what time, to what time and for how long, along with what the subject was in each and every meeting he has ever had over the past 30 years. I bet the CIA didn't plan for Bob.

Shit meet storm.

From Jason Leopold:

Former Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Bob Graham disclosed in 2007 that an intelligence document which claimed he was briefed about the Bush administration’s domestic surveillance program on two dates in 2001 and 2002 were bogus when compared to his own records, which showed that no such briefings ever took place.

Graham also said at the time that he was never told during briefings he attended that were chaired by Vice President Dick Cheney, then-National Security Agency Director Michael Hayden, and then-CIA Director George Tenet, that the Bush administration planned to spy on American citizens.

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