UPDATED: Cheney Waxes Nostalgically for the Good Old Days of 9/11

From PoliticsUSA's Jason Easley analyzes Cheney/s A.E.I. speech. The long & the short of it, 9/11. 9/11. Be afraid. 9/11. 9/11. 9/11. Be very afraid. 9/11. 9/11. 9/11, although he says it much more elegantly than I have:

During his speech at the American Enterprise Institute today, former vice president Dick Cheney continued to offer up his version of the Bush administration. Today Cheney said that the release of two memos will lead to the Bush administration, “will stand up well in history,” but the most striking part of his speech was his fond remembrance of America’s fear after 9/11.

Cheney remembered the good old days of the post-9/11 popularity of the Bush administration, “We could count on almost universal support back then, because everyone understood the environment we were in. We'd just been hit by a foreign enemy - leaving 3,000 Americans dead, more than we lost at Pearl Harbor. In Manhattan, we were staring at 16 acres of ashes. The Pentagon took a direct hit, and the Capitol or the White House were spared only by the Americans on Flight 93, who died bravely and defiantly.”

read the rest of his great piece...
According to Markos Moulitsas (@markosm): Cheney said "9-11" 25 times. Twenty-five. http://bit.ly/lY5GJ Giuliani wants his word back.
TPM: Cheney: Concern About Torture Is ‘Contrived Indignation And Phony Moralizing'

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From Crooks & Liars (h/t @Anomaly100):
Why is Cable TV airing Cheney's speech opposite of President Obama's?

OK, I Updated that one just for C&L's picture.

Senate Minority Leader McConnell didn’t watch Cheney’s speech.

QUESTION: Is it kind of frustrating to have Dick Cheney up there speaking for your point of view on this today, because you’ve stood up there and said it’s nice not to have the burden of the Bush administration any more. Politically, is it frustrating —

MCCONNELL: I didn’t watch the Vice Presidnt’s speech. I am here today reacting to the events of yesterday and the president’s speech. But everybody’s got an opportunity to have his say in this country.

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