Cheney: Spanish torture probe "abhorrent"

From Raw Story:

Former Vice President Dick Cheney continued his excuses-for-torture tour today with an interview on a radio station in Fargo. Perhaps needless to say, he's not exactly praising the new administration.


“There are two documents in particular that I personally have read and know about that are still classified in that National Archives," Cheney said. "But I’ve asked that they be de-classified; I made that request over a month ago on March 31st. What those documents show is the success, especially of the interrogation program in terms of what it produced by way of intelligence that let us track down members of Al-Qaeda and disrupt their plans and plots to strike the United States. It’s all there in black and white…It demonstrates conclusively the worth of those programs. As I say, I’ve asked the administration to de-classify them and so far they have not.”


He warned that [an investigation] would have future consequences.

“Anybody who sees that kind of thing happen is going to pull their head in, and they’ll be reluctant to take responsibility for anything," he said, adding, "I hear this talk that there is going to be some kind of foreign prosecution of our guys, I just think that’s abhorrent, and I think they ought to do everything they can to fight that.”

Of course, Cheney's position that torture "works" has been completely discredited...

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