Cheney On Torture: Misinformation And Straw Men

Top 6 Lies, Distortions, Straw Men in Cheney Torture Speech, from TPM.

Here's the first from TPM's Zachary Roth:

Here are some of the key excerpts from the part of Cheney's speech where he addresses torture. There are some obvious problems with all of them.

Over on the left wing of the president's party, there appears to be little curiosity in finding out what was learned from the terrorists. The kind of answers they're after would be heard before a so-called "Truth Commission."

But that's exactly the point of a Truth Commission. Done right, we'd find out, in a comprehensive, depoliticized context, exactly what we learned through torture, as well as other methods, and what the value of those pieces of information was. We'd also learn who was involved in the program, at each level. All this would enable us to better set policy going forward. How does this translate into a desire to know what was learned from terrorists?

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Got this tweet just now:
ranggrol RT @cyn3matic Bob Dole did infomercials for Viagra. Dick Cheney does infomercials for torture.

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