Can Maureen Dowd produce her friend's email?

Uh-oh. Media Matters' Eric Boehlert wants Maureen Dowd to pony up the email she claims the 'borrowed" passage was in.

Y'know, the one she sorta claims she received from a friend that included a passage that she used in her column, but turned out to be lifted from Josh Marshall's Talking Points Memo. I say 'sorta' because so far Dowd has been incredibly unclear about the specifics that led to the obvious plagiarism. And (surprise!) her Times editors don't seem to be all interested in uncovering the facts.


Of course, if it was a friend's email that caused the turmoil, than Dowd could easily produce the electronic correspondence today and confirm her story, right? So why doesn't she do that, and why don't Times editors demand that she produce it?

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