Bush May Haunt Republicans for Generations

While this shouldn't surprise anyone who is really paying attention, I don't think the GOP has quite accepted the reality. Had they, they would be dumping Limpdick, Joe the Plumber and Sarah Palin so fast they would look like road kill.

From Nate Silver:

Gallup has some fascinating data out, based on more than 120,000 interviews they've completed over the past four months, on the way that partisan identification breaks down by age:

Democrats, somewhat unsurprisingly, have the largest partisan ID advantage among Gen Y'ers, followed by among Baby Boomers. Republicans do relatively well (although are still at a net disadvantage) among Generation X'ers.

What's interesting, though, is what happens when we look at not these abstract generational categories, but rather at the following question: who was President when you turned 18?

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