Burris on tape: Offers Bribes to Blagojevich

We all know Roland Burris should never have been seated in the Senate in the first place, but now he must be expelled.

From the Chicago-sun Times:

In a Nov. 13 conversation recorded by the FBI, Roland Burris told Rod Blagojevich's brother he feared donating money to the governor would make it look as if he was "trying to buy an appointment," but Burris ends the call saying he would kick in to the fund.

Burris says on tape that he's trying to figure out "how to deal with this and still be in the consideration for the appointment."

Burris ends the call saying: "I will personally do something OK? And it will come to you before the 15th of December."

And, check out this article as well: Burris Begged for the Senate Seat

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