Boehner Opposes Call For Probe Into What Pelosi Knew About Torture

He knows exactly where they would lead.

From The Plum Line / Greg Sargent:

One thing that’s getting lost in the noise: House GOP leader John Boehner, a leading critic of Nancy Pelosi on the question of what she was told and when about torture, actually opposes a formal investigation into what she knew.

By contrast, Pelosi herself has said she wants the CIA to release the notes and memos that critics claim will prove she had been told waterboarding was used.

Boehner made a big splash yesterday by demanding that Pelosi provide evidence of her claim that the CIA lied in saying she’d been told about the use of waterboarding. Asked this morning on Fox if he favored a formal probe of this, Boehner replied that first she should back up her claim:

“Let’s not get too far down the road here. I’m not going to take anything off the table, but I do believe that the ball is in her court. She has to either put up or have an apology and move on.”

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