Ben Nelson Tougher On Obama's Nominees Than Bush's

I want Dems like this banned permanently from the Democratic Party! ;-) It's obvious he's using this block to blackmail the President into getting more of what he wants in the health care reform (or punish him for casting him aside by threatening to use reconciliation to get health care reform done).

From Sam Stein:

Sen. Ben Nelson\'s opposition to President Obama\'s choice to head the Justice Department Office of Legal Counsel appears to be the key obstacle to her confirmation. Democrats say Dawn Johnsen, an Indiana University law professor, has 59 backers in the Senate -- just one vote shy of cloture. Nelson, a Nebraska Democrat, is standing firmly against her appointment, pointing to Johnsen's job 15 years ago as a counsel to the abortion rights group NARAL.

All of which has left Nelson's critics furious. Where was the principled opposition from the Senator during the Bush years? Why is he refusing to show Obama the same deference that he offered the previous administration?

read more & see all the examples of Ben supporting right-wing nominees with out batting an eye

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