Anti-Spending Blue Dog Dems Demand Billions In Pet Projects

Blue dogs act on fiscal matters just like rethugs do with social issues. They're hypocrites of the highest order. They want to tell everyone else how to spend money (regulate what they do in their bedrooms, ban teh gays, women should be barefoot & pregnant) but they want to be able to spend what they want to spend the way they want to spend it (buy assault rifles, force their religious beliefs on the rest of us, Terry Schiavo).

From Bloomerg:

May 6 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. Representative Jim Marshall is a Georgia Democrat and a member of his party’s Blue Dog Coalition, a group of lawmakers bound by a desire to restrain federal spending. The Blue Dogs have something else in common: a fondness for funding pet projects.

Marshall alone requested more than $12 billion worth of the so-called earmarks in the 2010 federal budget. His proposals range from $388,850 to aid 14 local farmers’ markets to $4.2 billion to purchase C-17 heavy-lift transport aircraft.

Overall, Blue Dogs submitted more than 2,500 individual earmarks totaling some $20 billion. That underscores the conflict between their eagerness to bring federal money home and the coalition’s criticism of the budget as laden with pork.

“It’s really hard to smack government’s wrists with the one hand while the other hand is looking for as much earmark cash as you can grab and bring home to your district,” said Steve Ellis, vice president of Taxpayers for Common Sense, a Washington-based public-interest group...

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