Alito: My family’s immigrant experience shaped judicial outlook

Another right-wing meme about Jude Sotomayor is smacked down - this one by their very on Judge...Alito.

From DailyKosTV:

Via Glenn Greenwald (and one of his readers) comes a moment from Samuel Alito’s confirmation hearings that will either silence Sonia Sotomayor’s conservative critics or expose their hypocrisy for what it is.

So when Sam Alito said his family’s immigrant experience influenced his outlook, it was okay, but now that Sonia Sotomayor (who, like Alito, is an appeleta judge) has been nominated to the Supreme Court, she’s a "racist?"

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Here's what Glenn had to say in, Justice Sam Alito on empathy and judging:

Anyone who is objecting now to Sotomayor's alleged "empathy" problem but who supported Sam Alito and never objected to this sort of thing ought to have their motives questioned (and the same is true for someone who claims that a person who overcame great odds to graduate at the top of their class at Princeton, graduate Yale Law School, and then spent time as a prosecutor, corporate lawyer, district court judge and appellate court judge must have been chosen due to "identity politics"). And the idea that her decision in Ricci demonstrates some sort of radicalism -- when she was simply affirming the decision of a federal district judge, was part of a unanimous circuit panel in doing so, was supported by a majority of her fellow Circuit judges who refused to re-hear the case, and will, by all accounts, have at least several current Supreme Court Justices side with her -- is frivolous on its face.

I have no doubt there are legitimate grounds for objecting to some of Sotomayor's judicial opinions. Doing that, as well as vigorously questioning her on important areas where she has little record (such as executive power disputes), is not only legitimate, but vital. But the attacks thus far -- not just from the Right but from the sterling Respectable Intellectual Center -- say far, far more about the critics than they do about her. How can her "empathy" views possibly be distinguished from what Sam Alito -- at Tom Coburn's urging -- said when he was confirmed?

In fact, Glenn has a new piece up about hos Sotomayor might be just the opposite of what she is being accuse of when it comes to empathy:

A revealing anecdote about Sonia Sotomayor

The claim that she disregards law in favor of emotions and sympathy is the opposite of reality


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