The abstinence clowns are FREAKING OUT

The anti-science, pro-silliness crowds are going bonkers over the de-funding of what everyone with half a brain understand is a failed policy. Abstinence-only doesn't work. And leaving kids who are going to have sex anyway misinformed & ill-equipped to make the decision as responsible as possible, ends up with a Bristol Palin.

Happy Saturday!

From DKos' Amplify Your Voice:

Yesterday, President Obama struck a blow to the abstinence-only community, cutting ALL of their funding streams in his new 2010 budget. Obama made it clear that our government should no longer fund these failed programs that promote misinformation, misogyny, discrimination and, of course, juggling and cinder block wielding abstinence clowns.

And the response from these abstinence-only organizations has ranged from angry to completely unhinged...

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