CORRECTION: ABC’s Jake Tapper Does Hate-Radio Bidding Against Obama

UPDATE from me: ThinkProgress has corrected this original story. It seems Jake didn't do what they said and as much as ride him for some of his bullheadedness, I think it should be noted that the trust of their Jake part of the story was wrong.

Update from Think Progress:
Update: An ABC News spokesperson responded to our post. "The first he heard of Mark Levin pushing this story was in your post," the spokesperson told us. "Jake first heard of this story when he overheard a radio reporter talking about Mr. Lauria’s interview with WJR-AM."

Our original title suggested that there was a communication between the right wing and Tapper, which ABC has subsequently denied. Our title has been changed to reflect ABC's statement.

Jake (@jaketapper) recently asked me what he did to piss me off -- he was responding to blog post about what an insipid thing I thought he was -- well, this is a perfect example.

From Think Progress:
Last week, in an appalling show of corporate greed, “a small group of speculators” sank the Obama administration’s proposed Chrysler deal for just “an extra fifteen cents on the dollar.” The selfish greed of the hedge funds may, however, have produced a good result by forcing Chrysler into the bankruptcy process.

The New York Times reported on Friday, “whatever the outcome, this bit of brinkmanship — which many characterized as a game of chicken with Washington — has become yet another public relations disaster for Wall Street.” But instead, this story of corporate greed has now been turned into a right-wing attack on President Obama. Here’s how it happened in three simple steps.

Step 1: Right-Wing Radio Gives Corporate Hedge Funds A Venue To Attack Obama

Step 2: Right-Wing Pressures White House Reporters To Take Up Its Attack

Step 3: ABC’s Jake Tapper Picks It Up, Drudge Promotes It

read the details of each step | digg story

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