AstroTurf Alert: You can help Save the Rich!

From DKos' David Waldman:

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To the surprise of exactly no one, it's now turning out that if you peek at what's really behind those teabags, you're gonna find out that what's back there doesn't pass the smell test.

What? Why are you all laughing? Cut that out, this is serious! It's about freedom and stuff!


Yes, the reality of the mass teabagging set for tomorrow is that it turns out to have been largely a creation of the same gang that already ran conservatism off the rails. That's already discouraging some teabaggers not previously shamed by the silliness. And to the extent that the teabagging has grown out of the interactions of consenting individual adults, it's mutated into a grab bag (if you will) made up of every nutty (if you will) sorta-kinda conservative boogeyman, pet peeve and outright black helicopter conspiracy theory there is.


Head on over to Save The Rich to get up to speed on which lobbyists will be disguising themselves as ACORN operatives

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