Wow: Murphy Picks Up 198 Votes Over Tedisco in NY-20 Race

This is huge. I means a much better cushion going into the absentee ballots. Can't wait to see which digger says the "Dems cheated" and "where did these votes comes from?"


I wonder if it will be the same people who complained when, over the past few days, Tedisco's totals have gotten better because they found errors in his favor and corrected them?


From the Albany Project:

I'm hearing from a tipster in Washington County that, due to a reporting error on election night that has now been rectified, Scott Murphy just picked up a net of 198 votes. Says the tipster, the news "took the wind right out" of the Republican observers. More on the story soon.

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TPM confirms:
The Albany Project first reported that Murphy had picked up the votes in Washington County, and I have now confirmed it with Donna English, the Republican election commissioner in the county. (Counties in New York have both Dem and GOP election commissioners, working together.)

English also confirmed that these numbers are more recent than the state's current figures. The process is still ongoing, with Washington County only about two-thirds of the way done double-checking the numbers from all their precincts, and other counties also still hard at work. We also have not yet seen any absentee ballots counted.

Remember that this is a normal procedure, caused by human errors in entering the numbers at precincts during the rush of Election Night. The errors are usually pretty small and inconsequential -- but this one could potentially seal the deal for Murphy. On the other hand, there could very well be a similar error out that is hiding a big chunk of votes for Tedisco. So let's wait and see.

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