With A Whimper And A Whine

This is great piece from DKos's georgia10 that really doesn't deserve to be cut & pasted into bit & pieces here. So, if you have the time, hop on over & read the entire piece. You'll really get to understand how much of a failure the GOP has truly become and while they're not completely annihilated, yet, they're much weaker than most people realize -- and they'll never be the same. Well, not for a generation or two at least and even then, they won't look anything like they do now.

It's all good.

The failure of the tea protests -- not necessarily just in terms of numbers but also with respect to the lack of effectiveness -- demonstrates that the right-wing noise machine is successful in influencing or organizing public opinion only when its propaganda is amplified by traditional and more mainstream media sources.


In other words, we saw every limb of the GOP body flexed, every aspect of conservative infrastructure -- from TV to print to old school organizing -- galvanized and working overtime towards a singular purpose: organizing protests that would embarrass the President and Democrats and which would purportedly "show" that Americans "across the country" rejected the progressive policies put in place over the last several months (and indeed, that they disapproved of the mere presence of progressive politicians).

All of that effort, all of that fervor, and yes, all of that conspiracy to engage in the most orchestrated and massive celebration of conservative principles...and we got this?


Sure, we mock. But it's a time to mourn. The grand Republican machine that roared in the 1980s and 1990s is sputtering into the 21st century, shuddering and clanking along as it runs on the fumes of failed ideology.

Farewell, our once worthy opponent. Farewell.

And good riddance.

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