With Rivals Ahead, Doubts for CNN’s Middle Road? Middle of the road NY Times? Really?

Middle road, my ass.

Lou I-hate-brown-people Dobbs (and his various we'll-hate-them-for-him-when-Lou's-sunbathing-in Mexico substitutes), Ed fair-and-slightly-unbalanced Henry, John I'll-blow-Cheney-for-you-live-on-national-TV King and Campbell I'm-married-to-a-far-right-winger-but-that-doesn't-influence-me-whatsoever-I-swear Brown.

These are the faces of middle of the road? What a crock of shit.

I guess the fact that they have Jack Cafferty on for a few minutes a day here and there and an Anderson Cooper, openly gay man (however ambivalent he is with being proud of that fact) who tries more to impress his right wing colleagues at the network rather than standing up for the truth, that, somehow counters the rest of their coverage/reporting?

They just hired Mary Matalin to add to their illustrious panel on right wing ideologues and pathological liars. Who's brilliant idea was the, the beautiful and ever-so-charming-winger Candy Crowly?

From The NY Times:

The election of Barack Obama does not seem to have ushered in a kinder, less-polarized environment in politics — or television.

And that’s not a good break for CNN, a network whose strategy is to steer the middle course in its news coverage. CNN’s competitors have been finding more success pounding away at those poles — at least during prime time.

Since the beginning of March, CNN has fallen behind both the longtime ratings leader, Fox News Channel, which, as the voice of disaffected conservatives, again has an imposing lead, and the upstart MSNBC, which has tried to mirror Fox’s success by steering to the left.

CNN has even dipped behind its sister network HLN (formerly Headline News) on many occasions. Since the beginning of 2009, CNN has finished fourth in prime time among the cable news networks on 35 out of 84 weeknights.

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