WATCH: Barney Frank Says GOP Has "Psychological Disorder"

OMG. He is SO good. No wonder he drives Fox airheads into babbling messes every time they mention his name. That and the fact that he's a big old queen and proud of it! Go Barney!

From HuffPo:

House Republicans did their best Wednesday to battle Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) on the House floor and wound up on the receiving end of some classic Frank jabs.

"This is really extraordinary," he said. "What you have just heard is a denunciation of something the Congress did a few weeks ago and a refusal to undo it. I've never seen people, Mr. Chairman, so attached to something they hate. This is presumably a psychological disorder which I am not equipped to diagnose. The objection of the gentleman from Texas was that when the recovery bill was passed, it was passed too quickly [and it] included a provision that shouldn't have been in there. This bill takes it out."

"It is undone by this. And speaking of being undone, my Republican colleagues are being undone by the loss of their whipping boy," Frank said, arguing that Republicans enjoyed scoring political points over the AIG bonuses but didn't want to cap executive compensation generally.
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