WaPo’s Eugene Robinson Takes on Climate-Denier George Will

I wish more legit journalists would speak up, ones who make decisions based upon science and not ideology that is. There's a reason why the percentages of people who believe climate change as a serious problem, if one at all, are falling.

From ThinkProgress:

On Feb. 15, Washington Post columnist George Will published a factually inaccurate and misleading column on climate change. His claims were promptly eviscerated by Brad Johnson at the Wonk Room, along with ClimateProgress, The Loom, TPM Muckraker, The Vine, Island of Doubt, and New Mexico Science. Though the Washington Post’s editors repeatedly defended Will’s lies, columnist Eugene Robinson admitted on MSNBC last night that he believed Will had “cross[ed] the line”:

ROBINSON: What George Will did was cherry-pick a sentence in a report, you know, be very persnickety in the way he parsed his sentences, and end up making it sound as if the report had said the exact opposite of what it actually said. He was persnickety enough that his editors, who also happen to be my editors, felt he didn’t quite cross the line. I thought he did.

Robinson is the latest staffer at the Washington Post to take Will to task for his misleading column...

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