WaPo: 65% Trust Obama To Handle Relations w/ Muslim Nations

Via DailyKos:

In the most recent ABC/WaPo poll, further published analysis notes some interesting data re Islam and Muslim nations.

81% believe it's important for Obama to try to improve U.S. relations with Muslim nations (46% think it's very important.) One wonders who the 18% who disagree are. Further, 65% think Obama will go just the right distance to do so (22% think he'll go too far.)


One disturbing number in the poll: whereas 58% think mainstream Islam is a peaceful religion (virtually unchanged from 2001), the number who think mainstream Islam encourages violence against non-Muslims has grown from 14% to 29% (as the number who answer "do not know" shrinks.)

There's a reason for this uptick. It's all about Fox "news" inciting their viewers. Whether inciting them with lies about taking away their guns or labeling all who follow Islam as terrorists. They're just as extreme as the extremists they hate.

Ever wonder where people get their news from? Look no further.
Conservative Republicans are just... different. They're more likely to get their news from Fox (Pew 2004), and less likely to get their news from network TV, local TV or newspapers (Pew, 2008):

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