Texas Senate to GOP Gov. Perry on Stimulus Funds: F**k You

Fuck you, Sarah Palin. Fuck you, Mark Sanford. And, fuck you Rick Perry. I think the messages have been pretty clear. Fuck you, we're taking the money and if that makes us socialists, then so be it.

From the Dallas Morning News:

In a sharp rebuff of Gov. Rick Perry, the Senate on Thursday tentatively voted to accept $555 million in unemployment aid from the federal economic stimulus plan.

Senators voted 22-9 in favor of a bill by Sen. Kevin Eltife, R-Tyler, that would authorize state officials to receive the stimulus money to shore up Texas' trust fund for unemployed workers.

The Texas Workforce Commission has estimated that the fund will drop $839 million below its minimum required level by Oct. 1 because of the large number of Texans receiving unemployment benefits this year.

If the stimulus funds are not accepted – as the governor has proposed – employers would be called on to make up the difference through a "deficit" unemployment insurance tax next year.

All of the no votes in the GOP-dominated Senate were cast by Republicans, but 10 GOP members joined with Democrats in voting for the bill.

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Oh, and Texans do NOT want to secede either:
"Three-fourths (75%) of Lone Star State voters would opt to remain in the United States. Only 18% would vote to secede, and seven percent (7%) are not sure what they'd choose."

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