Tea Party Insanity: "Burn The Books!"

This is HuffPo's description of the Teabaggers' book burning calls:

One wonders how much that fundraiser will resemble the scene in this video of a small event organized by the 9-12 Project, in which a man rouses the rabble with a conspiracy-alleging rant.

"In the early 50s our country was infiltrated by the communist party," he [Eric Odom] says, calling the Obama administration the culmination of that infiltration. "They're doing everything they can to brainwash our public...This thing they're putting on our TVs," he says, presumably referring to digital cable converters, "it's a brainwash unit!"

As his speech winds down, he exhorts his listeners to get their kids "the hell out of college. They're brainwashing 'em!"

The anti-school message resonates with one woman.

"Burn the books!" she yells from off-camera. The surprised camera man asks if she's serious, and which books she'd burn. "The ones in college, the brainwashing books, like the evolution crap."

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Here's the video from just below this post if you haven't already seen it:

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