Shephard Smith: "We do not Fucking torture!"

"We are America, We do not fucking torture!"
Shephard Smith, Live on the Air
Ah, those moments when even Fox sycophants can't bye into the bullshit are priceless.

From DKos' QuietObserver:
Today on the Fox program Freedom Watch, during a discussion about the legal safety nets that may or may not have been used to justify torture of prisoners, Smith lets his opinion (that torture is never legally justifiable) known. After today's rant, he may be going the way of Alan Colmes, Fox career-wise:

Predictably, the wingers are not happy.

Smith will no doubt be demonized now. Sadly, the media and the GOP are already spinning the idea that any investigations of the previous administration re torture will be nothing more that the result of a lefty-led witch hunt (exactly what the President does NOT want to project.)

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