Rudy Giuliani is a Pathetic Joke

Suffering Succotash! You can always count on Joe Doucheborough to give this raving fear-mongerer a platform to spew his lies, color-coded warnings and delusions of grandeur.

From Sam Stein:

Rudy Giuliani charged on Wednesday that Barack Obama's recent outreach to Iran -- specifically, the videotape message he offered to the Iranian people several weeks ago -- was actually abetting terrorism in that region.

"Sending a videotape message into Iran and the language and tone of that message, in my view, is the kind of thing terrorists look at and say 'we can take advantage, we can push,'" said the former New York City mayor.

The remarks, delivered on MSNBC's Morning Joe, were followed by caustic -- and factually incorrect -- interpretations of how the president has approached Iran and foreign policy in general just months into office.

"He didn't talk about any of the things we need from them," Guiliani went on. "He is talking to a dictatorship. He is not talking to a liberal democracy. If you listen to that, you wo

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