Rep. Mark Kirk, Suggests People Shoot the IL Governor

Yeah, Mark. This kind of loony talk will really work in Illi.... oh, wait. Maybe you're onto something.

From HuffPo:

Republican Congressman Mark Kirk, who says he will decide by the end of the month whether to run for either the U.S. Senate occupied by Roland Burris or Illinois governor, vented his anger over Gov. Pat Quinn's tax hike proposal to the Chicago's Tribune's Rick Pearson:
"I think that the decision to raise taxes by 50 percent in Illinois is political suicide," Kirk said of Quinn's proposal to raise the tax rate to 4.5 percent from 3 percent, coupled with an increase in the personal deduction. "I think the people of Illinois are ready to shoot anyone who is going to raise taxes by that degree."
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Seriously, he should be removed from office.

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