PR disaster for the GOP: Republicans bet against the USA

DKos' JCWilmore explains how the Republicans aren't just betting against the U.S. and President Obama, like during the Somalia hostage crisis, they're wifully doing what they can to help the failure occur:

...top to bottom this story has been a positive reflection on the courage and skill of American merchant sailors, the U.S. Navy, the Navy SEALS, and the leadership of the Obama administration. For the Republican Party, however, this incident has become yet another self-inflicted public relations disaster.


...Limbaugh took to the airwaves to attack the Obama administration over the hijacking. Limbaugh's attack was an expansion on comments made earlier by Dick Cheney that the Obama administration left the American public more open to attack.


...the Republican Party expected Obama to fail this test, expected him to "be like Jimmy Carter." Just hours after the hijacking, long before most of the facts were known, Republicans and conservatives like Limbaugh and Althouse were placing massive bets against the ability of the United States--under the leadership of the Obama administration--to deal with this crisis. Limbaugh placed a big bet on the table that the United States would fail.


Republican spokesman Brad Blakeman was on MSNBC this morning predicting that the U.S. Navy would fail in its mission to rescue Captain Phillips. Over at This Week with George Stephanopoulos, Newt Gingrich went on the attack against the Obama administration, betting against the U.S. Navy.

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