Poll: Americans love France, San Francisco, Europe and NYC

Great new polling from Kos (which sort of goes hand in hand with this report from Tom Edsall posted above):

Check it out, this is fascinating stuff. Everyone likes San Francisco. Even Republicans (58-32). In fact, there is only one demographic that radically differs from all the rest -- Southerners. I bet that If we could take out Southern Republicans from this sample, Republicans in the rest of the country look like everyone else.

This is all significant for a reason I'll state further below. For now, let's look at three other conservative geographic boogeymen: New York, France, and Europe. (Full crosstabs at the link above.)


This is clear evidence that the GOP has become a rump regional party
. Because everyone else in America is just scratching their head at all that hatred directed at these places. They like San Francisco a lot. They love France. They think Europe is fantastic. And not even the New York Yankees can get people to hate on the Big Apple. And the more the Rushes and Becks bash those places, the more out of step with the Real America conservatives appear.

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