Pentagon Purging Contractors, Hiring 1000's of New Employees

Good. Get rid of the lot of them. We've been overpaying for services they seem to only butcher, for far too long. These jobs were originally gov't jobs. Big biz came in and changed all that, and budget exploded becuase of it. Get rid of them all. Hiring more military personal to take over for them is the smartest change the Pentagon has made of all the announced changes.

Purge the shit out of them.

From Government Executive:

Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Monday recommended major changes in the Pentagon's procurement priorities and acquisition practices, and said the department would scale back significantly the role of contractors in support services.


Gates said Defense had three main objectives: take care of troops; rebalance programs to adequately support the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; and reform how the services buy weapons.


In addition, he said the department would increase the size of the defense acquisition workforce, converting 11,000 contactors and hiring an additional 9,000 government acquisition professionals by 2015, beginning with 4,100 in 2010.

Bringing back in-house more support work and expanding the acquisition workforce are essential to restoring accountability to the procurement process, Gates said.

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