PA-Sen: Specter Of Doom

Dum da da dum. Dum da da da dummmmmmmmmm.

From DKos:

If this Rasmussen poll is for real, Arlen Specter should give serious consideration to running as an independent, because he's not going to win the Republican Senate primary.

Rasmussen. 4/21. Likely voters (GOP). (No trend lines)

Republican Primary

Pat Toomey (R) 51
Arlen Specter (R) 30

Specter's numbers are abysmal for a five-term incumbent: he earns favorable marks from 42% of Republicans, with 55% of Repubs having an unfavorable opinion.

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I guess sticking it to the Unions on EFCA hasn't worked out so well for ya so far, huh, Arlen?

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