Outbreak: Limbaugh spreads Obama Derangement Syndrome

Remember the left's so-called, Bush Derangement Syndrome? Well meets it's younger, under-medicated, crack addicted, conspiracy cousin brought to you by hate radio's finest purveyor of filth and smear.

From Media Matters:

In an April 5 article headlined "Anti-Obama talk worries some on right," Politico reported that some conservatives are concerned that -- in the words of conservative author David Horowitz -- some conservative commentators have "Obama Derangement Syndrome." Politico noted that in a piece for Frontpagemag.com, Horowitz "warns that the criticism of Obama among some conservatives has approached 'over-the-top hysteria.' " The fears are well-founded. As Media Matters for America President Eric Burns pointed out in the Politico article, "[I]n recent weeks, [Rush] Limbaugh made a number of ominous claims about the country's fate, including saying that the White House is '[p]erfectly timed, perfectly programmed, perfectly educated to destroy capitalism ... and they're in the process of doing it.' "

Media Matters has compiled a list of statements Limbaugh has made since President Obama's inauguration, including baseless and ominous claims warning of what will happen if the United States adopts either Obama's policies or those pushed by other progressives, often while invoking fears of rising socialism, communism, and tyranny...

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