Obama open to prosecuting architects of Bush torture policy

Here's the video. Keep up the pressure on Congress & the President. Dems & Repubs should want this equally. It's not a partisan issue. If Repubs will take notice, the pressure on Obama/Congress is coming from Dems. Contrary to Repub's, Dems don't march in lockstep. They should have have been screaming bloody murder about Bush's crimes a long time ago. Fight with us on this! You wouldn't want a Dem Pres to do this, would you?

From DakilyKosTV:

Today, President Obama opened the door to prosecuting Bush administration officials responsible for devising illegal torture polices.

While reiterating his belief that CIA officers who carried out so-called “enhanced interrogations” should not be prosecuted, the President said he wanted the Attorney General to make a determination on how to procede with “those who formulated those legal decisions.”

Obama said that any potential investigation must be bipartisan and independent.


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