Obama Exercises Diplomacy, Helps Avert Mess (Again)

OK , since I regularly give Jake Tapper such a hard time -- and I believe wholeheartedly that he usually deserves it -- I guess I should acknowledge when his work is good (ie: not a bitchy non-story about things that no one cares about).

This is the 2nd piece he has done during President Obama's trip that has impressed me.

On the heels of his negotiations at the G-20 economic summit - where he negotiated a way out of a potential logjam spurred by a heated debate between France and China over tax havens - President Obama exercised his negotiating skills once again on this overseas trip, this time at the NATO Summit.

This time the debate was over whether Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen should become the next secretary general of NATO.

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Ironically, the first piece I mentioned above, was also similar in subject:
Obama Plays Peacemaker in French-Chinese Smackdown Over Tax Havens.
So, maybe he's not all bad.

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